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Hellebu is a log cabin located in the outskirts of Notodden, Norway. The name 'Helle' refers to its surrounding village, Helleberg, whereas 'Bu' is a description of the building itself. Since its completion in 1959, the cabin has served as a family retreat for three generations.

Founded in 2009 by Johanne Birkeland and Ellen Henriette Suhrke, Hellebou came about after a weekend spent together in the cabin. At that point the interior was mainly used for storage space. With a desire to revive and make use of the surroundings we re-organized the cabin along with its belonging woodshed and playhouse. The cabin now functions as a guest house for emerging artists in various fields. Our visitors are invited to bring along a companion and explore the surrounding forest, lakes and mountain trails. Each guest is encouraged to produce a work that somehow relates to the site, and the results are presented in our publication entitled Hellebou.

The website is managed by Inger Wold Lund.