Hellebu is a log cabin, located in a remote village in Notodden, Norway. The cabin was built in 1959 and has since served as a family retreat and a hunting lodge.

Founded in 2009 by Johanne Birkeland and Ellen Henriette Suhrke, Hellebou came about after a weekend spent together in the cabin. At the time, Hellebu was mainly being used as a storage space. With a desire to revive and make use of the surroundings, they reorganized the cabin along with its belonging woodshed and playhouse. Since 2009, the cabin has functioned as a residency for newly established artists in various fields. The invited guests are encouraged to bring along a companion and explore the surrounding forest, lakes and mountain trails. Each artist is invited to produce a work that somehow relates to the site, and the results have been presented in a publication entitled Hellebou.

Hellebu is currently not in use as an artist residency. For future updates, keep an eye out on this page.

For an overview of Hellebou’s previous guest artists, visit Guests. For images from their stay in Hellebu, visit Daily Life.